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History of the Cadwell Building

After the Great Ellensburgh Fire of 1889, Edward P. Cadwell, a lawyer and abstractor of titles, and J.C. Lloyd, owner of Lloyd Mercantile Co., dry goods, clothing and grocery, partnered to build a new building at 114 East Third Avenue. The two men were able to secure approximately one million bricks to build the building.

The Lloyd-Cadwell Building was constructed as 60 x 80 feet, two stories high, with offices upstairs and two retail stores on the ground floor. The estimated cost of construction was $15,000.

In September 1889, Cadwell bought Lloyd's interest in the building for $5,000. The building was then called the "Cadwel".

In 1895, the Cadwell Building was purchased by W. H. Male at a Sheriff's sale for $13,000 because Cadwell had neglected to make the mortgage payments.

Male sold the building to the Atlantic Trust Company of New York for $10,000 a few months later.

In 1902, J.C. Hubbell purchased the building for $4,500 and two months later sold it to the Matthew Bartholet Company for $6,500.

Charles and Grant Bull bought the building in 1910 for $1,500, and the property remained in the Bull family until 1923.

The new owners, B.F. and Rainer Reed, owned the building until 1945 when they sold it to D.P. Glick.

In 1960 Charles Davis bought the building and occupied the store front on the west side of the building until selling the property in 1974. At this time, the Kittitas County Historical Society purchased the Cadwell Building for $100,000.

On March 9, 1975, the Kittitas County Historical Museum was officially opened after months of volunteer time and labor.

Since then the Kittitas County Historical Society purchased the adjoining buildings, bringing them together to build a museum with nearly 9,000 square feet.

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